How To Use

Use the information below when using Skinnytabs® products to maximize their use and benefit.


  1. Drop A Tablet In 20oz. Water

    In order to get the best flavor, we suggest drinking at least 20 ounces of water with each tablet. Customers report that they like it best in colder water. We also have customers who like it in hot water, like tea, so feel free to try out what works best for you. Keep in mind that the less water you use, the more "potent" the drink will be. To make it less potent, just add a little more water!

  2. Let It Completely Fizz

    Let it completely fizz, so it can unlock all the 15 natural superfood ingredients. Depending on the temperature of the water, the tablet should completely dissolve between 2-8 minutes. The colder the water, the longer it will take to dissolve. If you add anything to your water, like fruits or juice, it may also impact how long it takes to dissolve.

  3. Enjoy 1-3 Tablets Daily

    If you are just getting started, we suggest just 1 tablet or even 1/2 tablet as your body acclimates to the detox. Ideally, drink your Skinnytabs 30 minutes before a meal. It's ok if you can't do it exactly like that, as long as you can fit it into your schedule and make it a routine. It's important to remember to drink lots of water while you are detoxing.

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